Employee scheduling and time management for small and midsize businesses

We make shift planning easier for you, based on the requirements and time possibilities of your employees. Or simply give employees chance to take open shift.

Employee scheduling and time management for small and midsize businesses

Our app is for everyone, for both small and big

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, call centers, helpdesks

Are you a flexible company? Allow the employees to give you their time schedules or leave them to pick up from open shifts. No paperwork or wasted communication time. Satisfied employee, satisfied customer.

Personnel agencies

Do you provide agency workers? Keep track of their shifts for each client. You create accounts for clients where they can only manage their workers. You get proper work reports and documents for wages.

Stores and Retail chains

Are you monitoring costs? The app allows you to schedule shifts based on productivity. Do you have more branches? Let employees work in multiple branches. Your sales are growing and you need more employees? We will help you with the employees onboarding. Monitor the performance of individual stores.

Production lines, logistics

Do you want to have full shifts? Can't you afford vacancies and outages? With our app you can easily see who is available and quickly get the replacement. Do you need to increase production? Open new shifts. Are you dealing with expertise and skills? Always have right people in the right place.

How it works?

Step 1

Create employees and workplaces

Create branches and workplaces, as well as positions and, finally, employees profiles. Do you have hundreds of employees? We will import them in bulk or we can connect directly to your ERP.

Create employees and workplaces
Step 2

Employees can enter their availability or time off requests

Every employee, if you allow it, can enter their time off requests and time availability in their account.

Employees can enter their availability or time off requests
Step 3

Create shifts

You create empty shifts in the planning calendar. The application allows you to perform bulk operations - copying, deleting and editing. Use templates for simplicity.

Create  shifts
Step 4

Assigning employees to shifts

You can then assign employees to a shift with one click. You can copy the shifts again as you wish. Do your shifts repeat in cycles? You create a template and then copy the shifts further. Shifts can also be dragged between days.

Create  shifts
Step 5

Or open shifts

Open empty shifts and employees pick up when to come to work.

Or open shifts
Step 6

Send employees notifications that shifts are available

Once the shifts are completed, send employees a mobile notification or email. You can also send alerts for free shifts.

Send employees notifications that shifts are available

Scheduling shifts on the desktop.
Viewing them on a mobile phone.

Everything online, no installation needed.
For employees we have a great mobile app where:

  • Clearly see their shifts
  • They receive notifications of new shifts
  • Can take an open shift
  • Submit time off request
  • Can request the cancellation of the shift
Scheduling shifts on the desktop.<br> Viewing them on a mobile phone.
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We protect the personal data of you and your employees. Only the users you specify have access to employee data. We comply with the legislation governing the protection of personal data. We have servers hosted in EU.


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